Overdose Prevention

Drug overdose deaths have tripled in Tennessee since 1999 and are now the leading cause of injury deaths in the state. Drug overdose deaths surpassed motor vehicle related deaths for the first time in 2009 and continue to increase.

Risk factors for opioid overdose:

  • Prior overdose
  • Reduced tolerance – Previous users who have stopped using due to abstinence, illness, treatment, or incarceration
  • Drug combinations – mixing opioids with other drugs, including alcohol, stimulants or depressants
  • Unsupervised use – using alone
  • Variations in strength/quantity or changing formulations

How to Give Nasal Spray Naloxone

How to Give Nasal Spray Naloxone Instructions

  1. Pull or pry off yellow caps
  2. Pry off red cap
  3. Grip clear plastic wings
  4. Gently screw capsule of naloxone into barrel of syringe
  5. Insert white cone into nostril; give short, vigorous push on end of capsule to spray naloxone into nose: one half of the capsule into each nostril.
  6. If no reaction in 2 – 5 minutes, give the second dose.